Compare Your Budget

How much do you currently spend to live in your home? How does that compare to the cost of a retirement community? Most people are aware of what they spend for a mortgage or utilities but fail to take into account all the other expenses they incur, living at home.

To help you compare your costs, we've provided a handy worksheet. The information you enter is not collected by us, and is for illustrative purposes only.

Your Current Monthly Expenses Frederick Living
General Expenses
Mortgage or Rent: $ Included
Condominium fee or homeowners association dues: $ Included
Real estate/property taxes: $ Included
Utilities & Maintenance
Water, sewer, trash: $ Included
Lawn service, grounds care, and snow removal: $ Included
Interior maintenance of your residence, such as repair and replacement of appliances, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical systems, etc.: $ Included
Exterior maintenance of your residence, such as repair and replacement of roof, driveway, windows, etc.: $ Included
Lifestyle & Health
Health club membership (athletic equipment, wellness programs, fitness classes, etc.): $ Included
Social, educational, cultural, and entertainment events: $ On-site programs including cultural, social, entertainment and educational events
Maintaining and equipping your own studio for art, crafts, woodworking or other hobbies: $ Convenient access to well-equipped creative arts studio and woodworking shop
Health monitoring expenses: $ Access to on-site wellness clinic for free health monitoring services
Your Current Total Monthly Cost: $ For full details about our fees, visit our Residential Living page.

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